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Friday, 23 December 2011

Christmas Craft Fair Makes

Wow, I really went a little overboard on making bits to sell at fairs this Christmas.  I had four stalls in the run up to Christmas, and by working all hours before the first one it certainly meant an easier ride along the way with the others as I had so much stock.  Of course I still thought of other things to make!!!  I had quite a bit left over, but it's made little stocking filler gifts easier, and the girls I work with also bought lots of bits and pieces too.

It's was all quite a labour of love and certainly not something you do to make lots of cash, but I enjoyed having my mum along to help me out, and it also meant I got to see lots of other crafty bits and get some Christmas presents for friends and family too.

So, here's lots of the things I made............

 Magnetic note pads / Stamped Candles / Pencil and Eraser sets / 
Magnetic Memo Board Pegs / Mini Post-it Keyrings
 Bottle Cap Magnet Packs
 Tree Chocolates - Elizabeth Shaw Mints (yummy.........)
Decorated Gift Boxes
 Reindeer Food - such a cute idea for kids - these were a really good seller.  Inside the test tube was muesli mixed with cake decorating glitter (safe for the birds)
 Some of the stash of Reindeer Food

 Snowman Poop bags and Reindeer Spare Red Noses
(otherwise known as white chocolate buttons, and strawberry fruit pieces)
 Magnetic Bookmarks
 Magnetic Notebooks
 Mini Post-it Note Key Rings
 This was the first stall we did.  I didn't take pictures of any of the others, though we found better ways to display everything as each one went along.............
 My dinky little helper - also know as Best Mum in the World!
 Variety of Owl Key Rings
 Post-it pad notebooks - I did 6 different designs of these

There were more bits that I made for the later fairs, but I simply didn't have time to photograph everything before packaging it up and putting it in boxes to take.

I will definitely be doing more fairs, but now I know that the prep time needs to be quadrupled if I want to get more than 5 hours sleep a night!!!!!!

Definitely too many products to mention, probably something for nearly every page in the catalogue!

I hope you liked seeing what I made :o)

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  1. These are terrific ideas! Such wonderful little gifts and a great variety!